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We rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for abandoned, neglected, and abused animals in Custer County, Idaho.

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Want to make a difference?


Volunteering at an animal shelter is a paw-some way to make a difference in the lives of animals in need, while also having fun and making new friends! Here are 6 paw-some ways to help:

  1. Take the dogs on a hike or a long walk - it's great exercise for both you and the pups!
  2. Play fetch or other games with the dogs - they love to have fun and burn off energy.
  3. Teach dogs new tricks and basic commands - it helps them become more adoptable and better behaved.
  4. Give cats and kittens lots of love and attention - they always appreciate some cuddle time.
  5. Help out with events like adoption fairs, fundraising events - it's a great way to meet other animal lovers in the community.
  6. Assist with cleaning and organizing the shelter - it's not glamorous, but it's essential to keep the animals healthy and happy.


Employment Opportunites

We are looking for part-time kennel technicians to help care for our animals. Available shifts are morning, mid-day, and evening seven days a week. Must be age 18 or older. Starting pay is $12/hour. If you enjoy animals and would like to make a difference in their lives while they wait for their forever homes please stop by the shelter and fill out an employment application. Shifts can be flexible.


To make a donation by mail, please send a check or money order payable to:
 HIAS at PO Box 175, Challis ID 83226


Supplies We Always Need

Dishwasher detergent

White Vinegar

Non-clumping kitty litter

Laundry Detergent

Cat treats & toys

Peanut butter (xylitol-free please!)

Dog biscuits - grain free

Paper Towels



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Shop our wish list at Shelterbeds.org

Help a Dog Forever


When you sponsor a kennel you are ensuring that every animal who passes through the kennel doors continues to receive all the necessities of a happy, healing, healthy life.

A plaque in your honor or in memory of anyone or any pet will hang on the kennel forevermore. This is a lasting and loving way to display your support of homeless, needy animals with your name, business, or family.

This lifetime kennel sponsorship is $2,000

Significant Donations

Deserve Permanent Recognition


Spay and Neuter Clinic for Low Income Pet Owners

A couple times a year Heart of Idaho Animal Sanctuary teams up with Lone Pine Animal Hospital to offer low-cost spay and neuter to pet cats and dogs. Cost to pet owner is $25 a cat, $40 a dog. Pets must be at least 6 months of age.

Vouchers are limited to three per household and are available to local residents only. Our intention is to assist those who might need a little financial help, however, documentation for eligibility is not required.

This program is made possible through a grant from Pet Friendly License Plate program sponsored through the State of Idaho, and also by many individual donations to HIAS. Thank you everyone for your generous support. Together we can reduce cat and dog overpopulation.

Sorry, all vouchers have been claimed. Watch this space for future spay/neuter clinics.

Canine Spay & Neuter Clinic Thursday June 27, 2024

16 vouchers are available, 8 male and 8 female, at $40 each.
They are on sale now through June 26th, or until they are all gone. Clinic date is June 27th  at Lone Pine Animal Hospital in Challis.

Please call  Michelle at 208 410-9959 for more information on securing a voucher.  Once you have secured a voucher you will have to call and make your appointment with the vet clinic. Their contact information is on the voucher.
We are grateful for your support and commitment to responsible pet ownership. By taking advantage of this low-income spay and neuter clinic, you are making a positive impact on the lives of your furry companions and the overall welfare of our community.
For any further inquiries or additional information, please call HIAS during office hours at 208-879-6500. We look forward to serving you and your beloved pets

Pet Boarding

At Heart of Idaho Animal Sanctuary, we provide a serene country setting for your beloved pet to enjoy while you’re away. Our personalized and attentive care, engaging activities, and inviting living comforts are sure to make your pet feel at home.

We understand that every pet is unique, and our daily routine is tailored to their individual personalities, whether they enjoy socialization with other dogs, have boundless energy, thrive on human companionship, or are a senior pet in need of a stress-free environment.

We guarantee that dogs will be walked and have play-times at minimum three times a day and get fed twice a day. We have a ventilation system that keeps the air clean and separate from our sick or new intake dogs.We provide toys, beds, treats, can give medications and strive to meet the requirements for pet owners who are leaving their fur babies in our care.

Just as daily enrichment, personal attention, and reinforcement of good behavior are essential at home, we prioritize these at Heart of Idaho Animal Sanctuary. Rest easy knowing that your furry companion will receive the human contact and socialization they’re accustomed to while you’re away.

Dog Boarding

  • $25 per night (you provide food)

  • $30 per night (we provide food)

Cat Boarding

  • $20 per night


For DOGS we require current rabies vaccine, bordetella (kennel cough) and a yearly 5 way vaccine.

For CATS we require up to date vaccines known as a yearly 5 or 6 way vaccine and current rabies vaccines.

Proof of these vaccines must be provided by a licensed veterinarian.

Payment is due at time of pickup.

Pickup after 12pm will be charged for an additional day.

about us

Our Shelter

Located in Challis, Idaho, our goal is to provide a safe haven for animals in need, providing them with individualized care and a healthy, clean, loving environment to live in while waiting for their forever homes. Young, old, special needs, angry or scared – at HIAS we believe every animal has a story. We take in cats and dogs locally, as well as dogs from high kill shelters outside our area as space allows.

Our Mission

Heart of Idaho Animal Sanctuary’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, find permanent homes for, and make every reasonable effort to offer permanent residence to animals in need. We will be a voice of advocacy and education for animal welfare, humane treatment, and population control. We hope to encourage compassion for animals through our work.

What we do

Our Benefits

At Heart of Idaho Animal Sanctuary, we take pride in providing the best possible care for each and every one of our animal residents. We are dedicated to ensuring their comfort, happiness, and overall well-being, and treat them like members of our own family.

  • A New Home

    We provide a temporary home for animals in need, giving them a second chance at a happy life.

  • Safe Enviroment

    We provide a safe, and enriching environment for all the animals in our care, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being.

  • Vaccinated

    We prioritize the health and safety of our animals, and ensure they are up-to-date with all required vaccinations.

  • Healthy Pets

    We provide top-notch individualized care and a nutritious diet, ensuring that all of our animals are healthy, happy, and thriving.

Numbers and Statistics of Our Animal Sanctuary

Our Impact

Dogs Rescued
Cats Rescued
Other Animals Rescued

Adoption Stories

Make a Donation

Donating to our animal sanctuary helps us continue our mission of finding a loving and permanent home for animals in need. Your generosity helps us cover the cost of individualized care, food, and enrichment activities for the animals in our care. Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a real difference in the lives of the animals we serve. We deeply appreciate your support and are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of animals in need.

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Our Animal Loving Team

Mathew Hunt


Matt has always had a deep love for animals and a passion for conservation. After years of working in animal welfare, he became the manager of a local animal rescue sanctuary, where she oversees a team of dedicated staff and volunteers to ensure that every animal in their care receives the love, attention, and rehabilitation they need to thrive.

Dora Smith


As a passionate animal lover, Dora gifts a lot of her time volunteering at Heart of Idaho Animal Sanctuary. She finds great joy in helping to care for and rehabilitate the animals, and has developed a special bond with several of the sanctuary’s long-term residents.

Martha Jameson


With a degree in wildlife biology and a lifelong dedication to animal welfare, Martha has become the director of one of the largest and most respected animal rescue sanctuaries in the country. She is committed to providing a safe haven for animals in need, and works tirelessly to educate the public about the importance of conservation and animal rights.

Matthew Hunt


Matthew Hunt is a 28-year-old man who has dedicated his life to the study of K9 behavior in every aspect. His passion for dogs began at a young age and grew into a lifelong pursuit of understanding the inner workings of our furry friends. Matthew has worked tirelessly to become an expert in the field of dog behavior, specializing in boarding, training, and rehabilitating dogs.

Matthew is one of the few who have established functional playgroups for dogs in a shelter environment. With over 20 dogs in each playgroup, Matthew has become known as the “DOGLORD” by his peers and the community. His innovative approach to dog behavior has made him one of the most sought-after experts in his field.

Matthew’s emphasis on the importance of playgroups for dogs is a reflection of his deep understanding of pack behavior. He believes that appropriate pack play is essential for dogs to thrive and be happy. He has dedicated his time to ensure that every dog in his care gets the appropriate pack play they need.

Matthew is the ultimate dog dad, a teacher of puppies, and a mentor to all who want to learn about dogs. His expertise in dog behavior has made him a valuable asset to the community. He has become so popular that everyone wants a dog from the “DOGLORD.”

Matthew Hunt’s love for dogs and his dedication to understanding their behavior has made him a standout in the world of K9 behavior. His innovative approach to pack play and rehabilitation has made him a respected figure in his field. His ultimate goal is to help every dog live their best life possible.

Emily Cheise


Meet Emily Johnson, a passionate animal lover who has dedicated her life to the care and rehabilitation of animals. Emily has been working at the local animal sanctuary for over 10 years, where she has made a significant impact on the lives of many animals. She started as a volunteer at the sanctuary and worked her way up to become a full-time animal caretaker.

Emily’s love for animals started when she was a child, growing up on a farm surrounded by various animals. Her fascination for animals continued to grow, and she pursued a degree in animal science to learn more about their behavior and well-being. Her knowledge and experience have enabled her to provide the animals in her care with the best possible care.

At the sanctuary, Emily takes care of all kinds of animals, including dogs, cats, birds, and even farm animals. She is responsible for their feeding, exercise, and medical care. Emily’s warm and gentle nature helps her to connect with the animals and provide them with the love and attention they need to heal and recover. Her dedication to the animals is evident in the way she goes above and beyond to ensure their well-being, making her an invaluable member of the sanctuary team.

Emily’s passion for animal care and her unwavering dedication to the animals have earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues and the community. Her work at the sanctuary has not only helped to improve the lives of the animals but also raised awareness about animal welfare. Emily hopes to continue her work at the sanctuary and inspire others to make a positive difference in the lives of animals.

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